Fortinet FortiExtender 211E

3G/4G LTE Wireless WAN Extenders

FortiExtender 211E Indoor Broadband Wireless WAN Extender

1 x “Dual SIM 3G/4G LTE CAT12 600mbps global modem”, 5 x GE WAN/LAN configurable RJ45 ports including 1x 802.3af/at POE PD port and GPS port.


Enterprises are increasingly taking advantage of wireless WAN technology not only as a backup for their wired WAN connections but also as the primary WAN connection in locations such as: small branch offices, retail “pop-up” stores, Point of Sale systems and kiosks. A FortiExtender 3G/4G LTE Wireless WAN Extender enables a reliable and stable connection to support these applications.

Security Fabric Integration

Integration with FortiGate provides a single pane of glass management of the wired and wireless WAN connections and security which reduces Total Cost of Ownership for your WAN.

Designed for Optimal Signal Strength

Can be located to maximize 3G/4G LTE signal strength (up to 100m from the FortiGate appliance or network switch) without using lossy antenna cables or limited strength USB modems.

Simplified Management Options

Manage your FortiExtender from the FortiGate or the cloud. FortiExtender Cloud offers hosted management of an unlimited number of FortiExtenders anywhere in the world.


  • Enables placement of 3G/4G LTE Wireless modem close to a window, improving signal strength
  • Provides a secondary failover WAN link to improve business continuity
  • Provides a primary WAN link for retail POS, remote ATMs and remote kiosk type systems
  • Reduces WAN TCO through a single pane of glass management integration with the FortiGate Network Security Platform
  • Cloud-based management available and ideal for large-scale, geographically dispersed locations
  • 4 LAN ports and basic routing enable remote connectivity and networking for remote locations
  • PoE powered
  • Supports single modem with multiple ISPs or dual modems with multiple ISPs